Hair Loss Problems

Our hair naturally loses about 50-100 hairs, which can be considered a normal quantity on a healthy person. But a matter of fact is that different factors of our daily activities can have negative influence in our normal hair growth process, when the real cause is not of a genetic basis.

There are tests that can let you know if your hair is starting to get thin. For instance, you can hold about 15-20 strands of hair, pull it firmly and slowly, if more than six strands are removed, you can say that you are starting to lose hair, this test is known as "Tug Test".

Hair loss has no specific age, it could start appearing even in late teens, but the majority of persons affected by this condition are over the middle age. Hair loss is always a sign of something going wrong, the presence of a physiologic condition, which is why before starting a treatment, is important look for the advice of a medical professional.

For instance, hairlessness in adolescence phase can usually be related to illness or improper diet. Also, some medical treatments like chemotherapy can cause hair loss too. Wearing hairstyles that pulls the hair can also causes hairlessness, like braids, because there is abnormal ongoing tension on the hair.

Once the hair loss causes are correctly identified is easier to find an appropriate treatment to fight against this condition. It may require some diet complements, and to live some bad habits, but there is a solution for this problem.