Healing Hair Loss

Each person is a unique organism, with different needs, levels of hormones, chemicals, and enzymes. This may be the reason why is so hard to find an effective treatment for anyone to treat certain conditions, like hair loss. There may be many options available on the market for hair loss treatment, from hair re-growth products to surgical hair loss treatments, with a lot of promises, but if the reasons for hair loss are not correctly identified before starting a treatment, how will we be able to get effective results?

In USA, over 60 million of men are affected by hair loss and over 20 million of women too. Causes may be multiple, from bad nutrition to medical conditions. In some cases like cancer, baldheadedness cannot be treated. But in most of the cases there is an effective solution for the problem.

Provillus is an effective treatment against baldheadedness or hair thinning, because it has a two part system. If you suffer this condition, and if you are tired of finding hairs strewn about your pillow, then Provillus is here to help you. When you start Provillus treatment, you will be able to see and feel the effects in a matter of weeks.

The first part of Provillus treatment is a topical solution that can be applied on the scalp twice a day. This topical solution contains Minoxidil a proven ingredient which helps on the process of hair re-growth by stimulating hair follicles and stopping the process that doesn’t let them produce a healthy and thick hair.

The second part of Provillus treatment is a nutritional supplement. Is very important to fight against the disease from the inside helping the body to protect itself. The main ingredients of this supplement as Vitamin B-6, Biotin, and Magnesium are highly effective on hair re-growth. You can take 2 pills of the supplement per day with meals.