Provillus For Men

On this article, we are going to explain the artificial and natural causes for hair loss and deteriorating in the male body cycle. Further, we are going to explain also the major effects of Provillus for men, how Provillus can help to stop the process of male pattern baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness, which is known also with under the technical name of androgenic alopecia, is a condition dating back to the beginning of time. Itís an embarrassing situation for men who suffer it at some point of their lifes. It is projected that over 60 million men in United States are affected by this condition.

Though there can be a lot of causes for men hair loss, we can consider two main causes for this situation, and both of them related to hormonal and genetic properties within the body's system, and Provillus formula has been designed to fight against these factors. DHT is a male producing hormone that when is overproduced, causes hairlessness on men. Provillus can lead to a healthy follicle environment by minimizing the production of this hormone.

Provillus not only minimizes DHT production, it also supplies the follicle environment with nutritional components responsible for healthy ad natural hair.

Provillus formula has been clinically tested; its effectiveness is due to its naturally-based enhancement ingredients. There are two combo solutions of Provillus. The first is an oral tablet that contains a proprietary blend of special herbs to give your hair the nutrients it needs for strong and healthy hair. Provillus also contains a topical solution that contains Minoxidil, to apply directly on the head to stimulate hair regrowth.