Provillus For Women

This article is related to the main causes for hair loss on women, and how Provillus can help on hair repossession with its unique and very complete formula.

Many women check their pillows, their brushes and combs, to try to find out the total amount of hair that they are losing per day. This amount can become into a preoccupation for women, if the number of hair lost keeps growing each day.

Provillus formula has been designed to help women on stop this condition. A normal quantity of hair lost per day can be around 100 to 150 and sometimes also 200, but if a woman has long hair, then the numbers can become much bigger. Provillus treatment has been made to prevent or stop hair loss on women, depending on the case.

On women, like on men, there can be many causes for hair loss, like certain hormonal imbalances or some experimentation with hair like color treatment or testing different shampoos, some of them can contain surfactant that is in fact irritating to the scalp and also promotes hair fall.

Blow drying and heat can also be triggers for hair loss. Before starting a treatment with Provillus, is recommended for the user to change or discard some of these damaging habits described before. With Provillus it is possible for a woman to re-grow a beautiful hair, but itís also important to take good care of that brand new hair with healthy diets, and avoiding harmful hair products.