Provillus: Natural Hair Regrowth Remedy

People of all ages, is affected by the condition of hair loss, in case of men, it is more commonly associated with male pattern baldness, in case of women, there may be a plenty of reasons from medical conditions to hair styling. This can be a very embarrassing condition, which causes a negative effect on the self esteem of the person who has it.

There can be special cases of hair loss that cannot be treated, as in the case of cancer, but in most of the cases a solution can be found to stop this condition. Provillus has been designed specially to fight against the most common causes of baldness. Although Provillus can be used without a medical prescription, it is very important to consult with a physician before start the treatment, because is important to identify the real causes of baldness.

Provillus is a two part hair re-growth treatment, which won’t only take action on the outside, but in the inside too. Any good treatment, fights against the disease not only for the outside, but also helps to body to defend itself from the disease.

So with that in mind, Provillus has in first place a topical treatment that contains Minoxidil, an FDA approved ingredient that is proven to help stimulate hair re-growth. Minoxidil can help to regrow thick, healthy hair by stimulating hair follicles and stopping the processes that keep them from growing new hair.

The topical solution treatment of Provillus is complemented by its nutritional supplement, to fight the condition from the inside. Provillus supplements contain a special combination of ingredients designed to treat male hair loss or female hair reduction individually.